The Bitter Sweetness (Life of Mishthi): Emotions that stay forever

Book Cover: The Bitter Sweetness (Life of Mishthi): Emotions that stay forever
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Does every love story end up in a fairy tale? Or Do they etch some pernicious memories lifelong? Here is a tale of a conglomeration of bitter-sweet and bizarre experiences in the life of Mishthi, in the quest to find an emotional balance between the torment of nostalgia and the promise of the future. This story brings about the bare truth of many tales buried under the layers of emotional prohibition since people generally try to keep them suppressed. This can have a semblance to your story too. The journey of Mishthi is one through the upheavals of time that brings forth the elements of unscrupulous sorrow, the agony of despair, the ignominy of betrayal, and the trauma of death! Will Mishthi ever find solace in the promise of the future amongst the ruins of the past and present? Life, after all, is not about only love and laughter…. Though, life should be about love and laughter!
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Varsha Tiwary On 7th January 2022 wrote:

 The Bitter Sweetness (Life of Mishthi)

This is a story of a conglomeration of bitter-sweet and bizarre experiences in the life of Mishthi.Being in the midst of the past and a blurred future, the protagonist tries to live in the present. The book is perfect blend of emotions,twists and turns. The language is totally liberal. The writing style of narrative is well paced. The title "THE BITTER SWEETNESS" truly suitable.I personally enjoyed this book and suggest to go for it.

Happy reading 📚


Aarushi Morakhia On 12th January 2022 wrote:

A great read

 ‘The bitter sweetness’ - the title itself speaks the story. There are enough bitter moments in the story that will break your heart and also some sweet moments to balance them out. Mishthi’s love life was never a cakewalk. I liked her character; she was mentally strong and the way she took care of her child was heart-warming. The book didn't introduce many characters, however, Tushar earned my favouritism throughout the read.

The climax twist was a complete shock, and I never expected it at any point. It is fast-paced, which helped me to swipe through the pages effortlessly and kept me hooked to the storyline. Some more editing in specific places is appreciated though. The narration is comfortable for the beginners and I'll recommend this to them as a light read while traveling.


Dhrub On 20th January 2022  wrote:

 Interesting read

Bitter sweetness is a story of Mishthi. The girl was trying to have a emotional balance where she can regain herself back after the ending of her relationship.

She was having a bad time between the tragic past and a blurry future where she was trying to move on and live in the present but however she wasn't getting success in that.

What's the destiny of her relation? Will she end up being a happy soul all alone or a story will present some fairy tale where Mishthi will be having all the love she deserves? Or something else?

Get your hands on this one to know the story of our Mishthi.


Debjit Sarkar On 23rd January 2022 wrote:

 Amazing story

Bitter sweetness is a story of a girl whose name is Mishthi. Mishthi is our protagonist. She isn't doing well in her life. Everything was very messy and complex for her. She is literally having the hard time because of ending of her relationship. But an end of some relation isn't the end of your whole life. So as Mishthi trying to move on with her life but as much as she tried, she failed. What's going to happen now? Will she be able to bounce back? Or some other character going to come here? What's the mystery of Mishthi 's upcoming life here? Grab your copies now to get to know the whole story.


Rashimeda On 1st February 2022 wrote:


Mishthi, who is torn apart by her past, tries to move ahead in life for the sake of her only son, with the help of her dear friend. Ever since she met Tanishq, her life took an unexpected turn. Their hate eventually turns into love and nothing was the same again.

It is a simple book with a lot of emotions. The main highlight is its realistic nature. The characters are well built and relatable. Remarkably, the readers may get transported to Mishthi’s feelings, crying and laughing with her. There aren't many twists but the story is nowhere predictable, or cliche. The events are well planned and executed. It is fast-paced and lucidly narrated. Overall, it would be a perfect pick if you are in for a light emotional read.

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