Multiple Intelligence

You are not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.

—-Howard Gardner

 This is the primary rationale behind the multiple intelligence (MI) theory. MI theory revolves around intelligence around some as it seeks to find out how wise or not.

Training in thinking skills and the use of multiple intelligences

“A truly gifted person is a brain with enormous public powers that was inadvertently designed by a limiting factor.”

—-Samuel Johnson

Intentional focus and the ability to utilize the various characteristics of an individual’s intelligence are fundamental in determining the options that affect a country, and as today’s students can essentially become professionals, pioneers, and masters in the industry; Your ability to think fundamentally and understand your ultimate potential is undoubtedly vital.

The college will complete courses aimed at establishing the students’ basic thinking skills. I am central to the planet we live on, just as I am with college research. Mario’s workshop had thirty coaches to think about tonight.

Performing the tasks below can help you understand that something is going on in your mind or in your children’s psyche different from what you expected or expected.

Based on the wording and application of Dr. Howard Gardner, on the circumstances of the presentation, Mario Renvolukri identified the eight unique bits of intelligence that Dr. Gardner suggests through fun, energetic, and in-depth exercises that will ensure the completion of the workshop as a learning experience for members.

The general characteristics associated with each of these intelligences are:

Linguistic intelligence (“smart word”)

This “intelligence” is often experienced in schools, universities, and colleges. Typically, students write entire essays or grammar activities to demonstrate their English or essential language skills.

Obligation: “valmexican” sentences

This movement takes a small number of people – each person should have a word, affirmation, or sound (like “s” in certain individual action words –

“She likes frozen yogurt.”

For example, take a passage about Dubai and “show” your segment as the sentence comes in – hang out with others and ask for words in your sentence. In terms of touching, speaking, acting, or both. Quantify Your Language More Than Ever – Earn Your Satisfaction – Show Me You Didn’t Appreciate the Activity, Task Limitations, And Actual Representation Of Conversion To Word, And Now Find Out How To Improve Your Language – start with questions – end with the inquiry form – defend yourself as a local speaker instead of mumbling to yourself – stand up, talk and move – appreciate and learn!

Logical-mathematical intelligence (“number / intelligent thinking”)

This is where the substitute student’s ability to approach math problems is experienced. Intelligence and linguistic intelligence are used to determine whether the student is transitioning from high school to advanced education. Global placement tests for students in these two regions. Should the types of related information mean something?

“Compromise with you”

With an affiliate, include conversions of 100 and more out of nowhere – in two, three, and four at this point, or whatever you can monitor. Finding your way around the numbers is a path that shouldn’t be threatened. Our numbers fluctuate even with numbers on a piece of paper. This job is just as fun and valuable.

Now, set up games by comparing different recordings – stations on the Bakerloo Line (or the Dubai Line if they’re in action), words with great rhymes or sonnets – create something – share – remember and play – yours Increase memory, space in which you want to feel excellent – linguistically, mathematically, spatially, personally – be creative and innovative – discover what you have energy for, what your child excels for – you will be shocked by what you do learn – you’ve always been there, you just didn’t; he was asked to find him.

Spatial Intelligence (Smart Image)

If your little boy demonstrates some drawing ability or knows how to navigate shopping malls without your help, for example, he may have spatial intelligence. Guardians must support whatever abilities they find in their children, and teachers also prefer to pay special attention to students who are physically fit here. It used to be said that in case you weren’t hired, you weren’t good at math – is that clear, or is it just such an inevitable result that coaches and caregivers use who don’t use their imagination when I see It?

Pledge: Let Your Eyes Remember

Hear accompanying words – pull something up to process every word you hear. Do it quickly, alone. Once you’re done, go over your drawings with other people drawings. You will be surprised to find that you have so much in common for all intents and purposes, and yet some of the pictures will only be yours.

These are the words: confidence – philosophy – language – singing – democracy – vegetables – transportation.

Task 2. After analyzing your ideas, put aside a piece of paper for a few days. After three days, try repeating the words – think of the pictures you like to help you if you can’t remember every word. This list of 7 different terms will be hard to remember – memorize the shapes you draw, and you will skim the comments. Perceive your spatial intelligence.

Everyone involuntarily uses what he has all the time – if we had not done this, we would not have been there all day.

Body-kinesthetic intelligence (“smart body”)

Ballet dancers, gymnasts, football players, horse riders – such a mind can be possessed by a large group of people who can develop smoothly. Think of Billy Elliot in a movie with a similar name – young people usually play men’s games like soccer and rugby, and young women do expressive dance routines, but should it be like this – all the time – for every child? Power is something heavenly and must be maintained despite our earthly prejudices about who can or should be acceptable anywhere.

We talk, for example, about “calling”, “taking”, “arresting”, “driving”, “holding”. We are “picked up” by disturbing topics, and we have “terrible” meetings. Our stomachs turn over. Our hearts jump. Our breath is fresh. We can shiver, tone, and move. Kinetic experiments have confirmed these reactions.

Promise: Reply with clarification

I learnability by doing this 2. I can’t stand for long 3. I like to move when I’m learning something. I love workouts that involve movement 5. I love horse riding in Delight Parks 6. I love doing active things. I like to get involved with eight items. 9- I accurately reflect the signals of other people. I am well coordinated 10. I feel alive and expressive when I speak 11. I like working with my hands 12. I prefer to roll with my hands 13. I appreciate doing things with my hands 14. I write things down to remember 15. I often call others when talking to them.

These statements show kinesthetic intelligence –

Commitment 2: Rank the loops in order of importance to you – Compare your grades with those of others – who come across as more kinetically intelligent – How would you say – Write down some of the mores that exemplify this type of intelligence:

Without outside help

People you know well.

Analyze your findings – what do they tell you about you?

Researchers and educators recognize that early, positive musical experiences are critical to helping children reach their maximum mental, dexterous, and inner potential.

The intelligence associated with musical convention usually does not match the achievement scores prevailing in other school districts. However, MI theory states that the resilience and improvements in music teaching are subjective and comparable to courses that arise in contemplating dialects, mathematics, and technical disciplines.

Musical intelligence (“smart music”)

If his incomparable musical abilities had not supported Mozart, the world might have lost natural talent, and his works would not have been composed, played, and appreciated. Who can confidently say that many gifted people are disappointed in their desire because a teacher or parent did not tell the perfect thing at the right time? You might say that truly talented people will constantly rise to the top and that truly talented people will always be at the end, but is this true in every case, and why are you risking losing one or more of your little kids’ strengths?

Brand: “Take your cars, dear people!”

This action will help you resolve your limitations. They can keep you from finding out who you are. However, do not put pressure on him. Do this and close your eyes first.

Imagine singing a piece of music that you know and love. Close your eyes and start – beat drums like Ringo Starr or play the violin like Menuhin, dance like John Travolta, lead a band like Sir Simon Rattle, do anything – no one is looking for – appreciate the spirit of music that drives your evolutions – wake up – feel free and dynamic – chuckles – everyone in the meeting will laugh with you – feel your ability to appreciate music, development, and expression.

Personal intelligence (“people are smart”)

Talking to others is essential, especially in a world where correspondence is ubiquitous and ubiquitous. Once again, excellent callers have discovered in our reality how to get to the front lines. Still, this ability can be used quickly and efficiently by anyone and is undoubtedly empowered and controlled. Nowadays, this ability can lead to more performance than any other. Pushing everyone to talk, reach out, and recognize who they are or what works well for them is a good sign, and getting things going admirably is also fun.

Brand: You’re talking – I’m talking – Hey, we’re getting better right now!

Send a large part of the congregation out of the room – when they return, bring them into discussion and speak with their speed against you – feel the speed and speak with a similar speed – feel how close you are to you think it and you – this is generally an inattentive exercise for one of you, but in any case, you will have surprising results for anyone who realizes what is happening – to that person. I agree with the person who once said, “I’ve never met anyone I didn’t care about.” Try it with people who are not as excited as you would like.

Personal intelligence (“self-intelligence”)

Knowing yourself, what you are, what you are and what you need, and what you are suitable for is the way to unlock another intelligence in yourself. Physical and psychological well-being is improved and maintained through self-information – through intelligence, which allows us to know intuitively when things are going well and when things are with us anyway.

Brand: Be where you want to be!

Stand up – Close your eyes – Imagine you see a scene – Where is the right one? – What’s going on here? – You choose – you feel the spicy smell of the Atlantic Ocean – the cold of the snowfields, especially over Everest, the heat of the Kalahari – clues about Piccadilly in London – your mysterious growth you have – imagine what you see – They hear – who you you meet – what you will – what you will achieve there!

Natural intelligence (“intelligent nature”)

This type of intelligence is shown in the child’s ability to use the natural world. For example, showing interest in creatures shows that a child has this type of intelligence.

Children with this type of intelligence can be very weak towards the rest of the world or creatures, and this interest often starts at an early age. They can appreciate themes, shows, and stories in which normal animals or wonders run.

Acquisition: mobility and name

It would be best if you had a lot of space for this procedure – preferably outdoors because no one can be hurt. Find huge circles on the ground (jump distance) – everyone jumps and thinks he jumps – at this point, you name a creature that jumps.

Others can help the member if they are stuck. Find a boy who completes the job efficiently and quickly, with little effort to identify a creature’s name before jumping into the circuit below. Tracking adults can summarize and retain the time it takes for each child to get past the circles – this can easily be turned into a team game – the surprise is what to look out for and recharge.

A series of exercises in the classroom, on the field, in the outdoor library can invite anyone to go to parts of the brain that are typically used for other things – to see if you or your children are covering the skills.

The advantages of music are:

~ Neural organizations expand in the brain

~ Phonetic class that requires spelling skills

~ Increase terminology

~ Abstract and spatial thinking that leads to mathematical achievements

~ Improving coordination

~ Better concentration skills

~ Clearer memory

~ More attractive listening skills

In Mario’s workshop, some of the teachers were initially somewhat confused about their expectations – why they were called to do certain things. However, at the beginning of the exercises, everything became clear and precise.

You have no idea what to do to try, and you can also imagine that you are fit for different things before sharing – discovery is everything – in the classroom and anywhere else – you try.

Gather people who immediately relate to specific focal points in the discussion and describe comparative meetings that match the pivot points the speaker talked about.

In essence, during the workshop, Mario’s main point was that there are alternative ways to present a topic. In traditional private lessons, people who learn in ways other than linguistic and logical generally do not receive any feed for their strategies: perceived presentation and testing equipment.

To demonstrate the priorities that have been identified, Mario showed teaching strategies that use the ability of the other six bits of intelligence. For example, the types of action words scattered have been displayed using body developments rather than the board’s terms. It turns out that the usually boring exercises on extended topics can be moved to make them better.

When Mario asked the teachers not to use images, learning devices, and mental aids that, for example, are socially unsatisfactory or contrary to natural reasoning, he organized a lovely and educational evening with practices that would allow the two students to offer something about their discovery of their preferred method of learning.

Good books have been written on “Multiple Intelligence”. Some of them include: –

Ø Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practiceby Howard Gardner

Ø The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come Aliveby Thomas Armstrong

Ø Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Centuryby Howard E Gardner

Link for some learnings: –

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