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The World as a Neural Network- The Story of AI and our future

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A great researched work

"The world as a neural network" is a masterpiece written on the burning topic of "Artificial intelligence" by authors "Nirja Bandi" and "Arghya Chakraborty." Whole book is highly informative and a treat to those who have keen interest in technology.

Authors have done a commendable job while explaining the pros and cons of AI in various sectors whether it's social media or aviation. A deep research can be observed in each and every line of this book. It has been clearly depicted that th future belongs to AI and it will result in dominance of Artificial intelligence in different fields.

Chapter "China's social credit model" is an eye opener which shows that how China is intervening and breaching people's privacy on social media. It was a completely new experience for me to know about these factors in detail.
The portion which describes the use of AI in various algorithms is quite impressive and author has also incredibly explained that how the replacement of Manpower with AI is not the best feasible solution. While many articles discuss about only advantages of AI, I admire the real fact presentation of this book.
Book talks about the significance of AI in present as well as in future. This book is a short read and one would love to explore it as it is a magnificent experience to read.

Happy reading guys!!😇

Nice Book

It's one of those books which are tiny yet they held in such a resourceful information for its readers. The book is a systematic approach to the importance of understanding the fact that AI (artificial intelligence) is not only our future.
We human beings are more focused on uplifting the level of technology and science in our lives that we often forget the fact that whether it is affecting our general well-being.
The way AI (artificial intelligence) is progressing rapidly, it will lead to a future where human thinking won't be required anymore but is that what we want to end up with?
The author has put in different statistics and data to help the reader understand the fact. The data presented here is a result of a well-researched information.
The narration is kept simple and easy making it a comfortable read for all. The language used is lucid.
It's is a tiny book yet holds in such an interesting topic that it's definitely worth of reading. I finished it in one sitting only.

 by Sanjeev Kumar on The World As A Neural Network
Digital Bloom

What a mind-blowing book I must say!! As being a science student, this book provides so much information regarding technological and digital way in best way possible. And it just blows my mindset that how AI or Artificial intelligence works. How this AI will be influencing our past, present and future in both positive and negative ways. Author greatly explains that this AI will definitely affects on our digital, technological and economical resources in very smooth language. Book also covers some interesting topics like how the big countries US, China will use this AI in past years which set anotherperspective regarding AI. Also, this discussion will terrify some way that will this AI take the place of all human races in future?
You have to grab this book to know more, that how this discussion will take you on a interesting, informative and technological ride!!

 by EnridaLakiang Lyngdoh on The World As A Neural Network
Great Read

This book is quite the insightful and intriguing one. I look at many things from a different perspective after reading this one. There is so much knowledge in this. The content that is being shared here is very resourceful and there is so much to hold back from it.
The author has written this book after thorough research and it shows on every single page of it.
I have heard the term "Artificial Intelligence" so many times but I have never actually dived deep into it. This book helped me in understanding a lot about it, its workings, and all the things that define it.
These books are not something that I usually enjoy but this one has hooked me from the first page itself. I believe that Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in our daily lives and it is quite scary to think that we cannot survive without it anymore.
So this book will help you learn almost all that you need to know about Artificial Intelligence. Make sure you pick it up.

Reminds me of social dilemma

This book instantly reminded me of a movie I watched recently named “Social Dilemma”
I could give an image to things that were discussed in the book, since I had watched the series, which made it even more interesting to read the book.
So as the name suggests, the book is all about Artificial Intelligence and the ways in which it is a bane and the ways in which it proves to be a boon. The first chapter grabbed my attention, reading through the facts I realised how well researched the content is, and how well curated it is in the form of this book. Topics like the The event of Cambridge Analytical Kerfuffle and the use of AI behind elections in UK were Mind boggling. It also talks about the future of humans with AI and it’s effects.
The book is extremely gripping, somewhat thrilling and mind-blowing with its top notch factual content.
I’m not a tech savvy person or someone who’d be easily interested in such an intense topic, but I did learn a lot about AI from this book and I’d like to extend the same to my fellow readers by recommending them this book.

Empower To Transform– Transform to Empower

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 5 reviews

This Women's Day, that is, on 8th March 2021, in the session which I was moderating, I had an interesting talk with one of the male members of that Community. The question which was put forward to him was being a male, does he think he would have been able to do same things he does now if he was a female, in the same exact way? And his answer was a straight no. No hesitance, no deep explanations or tries to be diplomatic; a clear-cut no with a straight reason that gender inequality and discrimination is still here. And my dear friends, this is what this book is all about. Gender inequality and discrimination that women of 21st century are still now facing. But does that mean we are still living in that era where women is all about kitchen, children and sex? No, we have grown out of these all and we have some stark examples of this in various fields, one recent instance is Kamala Harris. Then where are we exactly going wrong? This book will help you in shedding some light on that part.

The authors have done a thorough research on the said topic and has included some statistics to show that we have made only a little progress and we have a long way to go. Starting from female infanticide and atrocities on women, it's clearly written that how important it is to raise one's own voice when needed and to know the rights properly to raise that voice.

But will all change if women raise their voices only. No. It's our duty as a human being to create an equal environment at home as well as work. Empowering women is not easy and for that, diversity and inclusion at every place of work is equally important. And most importantly, women must think themselves strong and capable enough to be a leader.

But all these will not be easy because of the challenges women face when they start empowering and transforming themselves. In such situations, men play a very important role. Some may disagree with me. But I personally think as well, that in this journey of empowerment, both men and women shall walk and work together, then only it'll be truly empowering.

So does your work space has female members? Do they feel comfortable working there? Or if you are a member of the board of directors or higher officials, does your board has female voices as well? If yes, you must already know how easier it gets to work when both the genders come together to work on a project, if not, maybe try incorporating them once? I'm sure you'll see the difference. Believe me! It is worthy enough for the final outcome of your work. All you need is to find out the skills and polish them. And those who are at home, try making them feel comfortable and share the works 

Women Empowerment

Theme of this book revolves around transformation and empowerment. The journey of writing this book started when the author noticed that domestic violence is increasing due to covid-19 pandemic. Author and her colleague noticed that the impact of the pandemic was more Severe on women than men. In the beginning the Author has shared her journey to write this book.
It is an in-depth analysis of gender inequality and hard hitting book on the subject of women empowerment , nicely penned ideas on empowerment of womens with included lot of practical advices. Some of the concepts that revolve around it.
Book is generic and so transparent in writing and it was worth a great reading. One line of Author's touched very well - "Being a Barman is easy but being a women not so easy".
There are umpteen points in this book which the author has explained very shipshape like- Focusing on gender relations, Raising awareness among men, ending stereotype of gender, equality in workplace and at home, women in leadership, diversity and inclusion, atrocities on women etc.

Excellent book to assist social transformation

The author has highlighted with facts and figures, why women empowerment is required, how female infanticide, atrocities on women can be controlled, which are very much essential to share with the society now for continuous action and development. The importance of gender equality at home, workplace, and society must be well recognized by all while accepting diversity, ensuring women in leadership, as proposed by the author. I like the seven principles of women empowerment and five allied components as specified by the author and strongly feel people must honor such concepts. Recommend all to read this book and help to empower women to transform this world.

 by Joginder Chaudhary on Empower To Transform-Transform to Empower
Empower to Transform

Empower to Transform is a non-fiction book focuses on women and men too. It deals on self-help too for empowering women and a lot of research has gone into the book. I love how each chapter in the book starts with poetry on women and their battle. The book gives insight about all the different types of inequality and brutality women face both mentally and physically.

Gender equality is one of the biggest issues. The authors also tried to bring light on sensitive issues like female infanticide, rape culture, gender inequality in workplaces, etc. The chapter titled Raise Your Voice is the actual good thing to read here in this book.

The book is full of statistics and facts. The author has used lucid language and anyone can read and understand it very easily. The purpose of this book is mainly to create awareness of women's empowerment. Overall, the book was very educational and much needed. Everyone must read it once for sure.

 by Joyita Ghosh Dastidar on Empower To Transform-Transform to Empower
An illuminating and enlightening read:

An illuminating and enlightening read:


"There's No Force more Powerful than a Woman Determined to Rise."
-Bosa Sebele

Yes, you heard me right, this book being a Non-Fiction is bound to hold you tight and make it finish in one go.I have rarely come across essays amalgamating with poetry. The book consists of nine chapters with each single chapter commencing with a subtle poetry. The aroma of the verses complement the well-researched plots and issues in each chapter.
As the name stands for, the whole theme revolves around empowering women and bring forth the hindrances towards the transformation and the probable things to resolve that particular issues. The book has diversified its discussion from 'Female Infanticide' to "the role of men in Women empowerment". It is rightly put forward that 'the best way to transform and get addicted to the intangible weapon is to read books...

" Bring her the paints and build around her the walls of your love/she will fill them up with colours of your dream and pictures of more love"..
You will come across numerous beautiful lines like these depicted through verses in your journey of reading.

I will conclude with the lines of eminent poet, Maya Angelou , which I think is the protruding essence of this book..

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly,with out claiming it, She stands up for all women."