The Ant Philosophy

“I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy. Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can”.


What You Should Learn from the Ant Philosophy?

Well, have you thought about ants? Chances are you never even think about them. Ants are all over, and they are always doing something; they can be carrying something on their back, taking some food, building a house and more. Ants are principled and are survivors, and Jim Rohn even coined the phrase “Ant Philosophy” which is a plan for successful life.

Insects are persevering, and they always push hard to achieve their goals regardless of the setbacks. For instance, if you trample on their home, they will build another anthill, and if you take them away from food, they will come for it again. They have a positive attitude, and during winters, they stay beneath the surface hoping that they’ll reach summer sooner. And when summer arrives, they set on a journey to collect enough food for the next harsh season.

Ants 4-Part philosophy: –

1. Ants never quit

2. They think of winter during summer

3. They think of summer during winter

4. They collect what they can

Reasons why you should emulate ants: –

1. They are Persevering

Perseverance is a good philosophy, and when you observe ants, they are always focused on the bigger picture. If you block their path, they will find another way. They can also climb under a tree, around or over it to find another way. This is an essential motivation that advises you always to persevere the challenges.

2. They think of good times during bad times

When its winter, ants persevere the challenges and remind themselves that it will be soon over. When summer arrives, they venture outside, but if it’s still cold, they return inside. They are very eager to go to the surface.

3. They think of bad times during good times

During summer, ants always think of summer, which is a harsh season for them. It’s very cold, and they cannot survive on the surface during this season. Therefore, in summers, they collect enough food for winter to enable them to stay indoors.

4. They do everything to the “Best.”

When they are gathering food for winter, ants always gather as much food as they can. They don’t have quotas or the definition of sufficient food. No, they collect everything they can until it reaches winter when they are unable to collect more. This philosophy of remaining focused, staying positive and doing all within your ability is important.

Don’t forget that they can lift 200% of their body weight and can run very fast. Also, they have two stomachs; one for feeding and the other for keeping food. And when an ant is looking for food and locates a good source, he will leave a trail so that the others can find such food. They have brilliant teamwork which makes it easier for them to handle different tasks.


Ant philosophy applies to our daily lives. You should never give up, remain positive and focus on the bigger picture if you want to succeed in life. Also, have your principles and stick to them no matter what happens along the way.

Good books have been written on “The Ant Philosophy”. Some of them include: –

  • The Ant Philosophy by Jim Rohn & Roy Smoothe
  • The Philosophy of the Ant by Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Ants at work: How An Insect Society is Organized by Deborah Gordon

Link for some learnings: –

Questions for reflection: –

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