“There can be no one better than yourself, so be the best version of you because no one is born to represent another.”
Gift Gugu Mona

“As much as we can fight for material related dreams, we must also fight for intangible progression, in terms of improving our selves. Financial success is important but it doesn’t supersede the success of being the best version of yourself. Fight for that, live for that, it will make you powerful, be the best version of yourself”
Tare Munzara

One may wonder what the best version of oneself means; in this article, we will share what this statement means and the best steps to achieve the best version of themselves. Every individual has a certain specific way in which they live their life. To achieve the best version of oneself, one must turn away from daily routine and work outside their comfort zone. High levels of dedication and discipline are required to make an inevitable change in behavior and habits.

Significant steps towards becoming the best version of yourself.

The first steps towards redesigning one’s life are:

Be honest with yourself: What exactly does this mean? It means that for one to allow changes in their life, they have to be true that they first are willing, to be honest. Honesty does not just work with oneself but also with others. When people respect that being honest is valuable to you, then the most critical step towards self-realization has been achieved.

Fear of failure:Many a times, as human beings, we are afraid of taking significant steps due to fear of failing. Think about it; the worst that could happen to someone who has decided to be the best version of themselves is being the best version of who they are. In short, there is nothing to fear when choosing yourself.

Fear of success:Yes, there is fear that you will be successful in choosing to re-invent yourself. One may wonder why that is such a bad thing. Here is why success can be scary, choosing a different way of living life, contrary to what many people already know you to be, maybe frightening. Working towards being the best version of yourself will also make you lose some of the people in your life. Well, that’s sad, but in the long run, those who will stick by you during your whole journey will enjoy being around the best version you could offer.

Things to stop doing to be the best version of yourself:

Here are things to stop doing to be the best version of yourself:

Stop procrastinating: Doing this at the required time creates a lot of extra time for you to focus on their things.

Stop trying to please other people: We all have a specific need to make other people close to us happy, but without a doubt, it is essential to note that to re-invent yourself or the better, not everyone will be pleased, and that is okay.

Stop being pessimistic: Change your mindset from the negative and start viewing things positively. This will change your whole outlook on things and give you a whole new, even brighter perspective on life.

For those who are religious, the best foundation for achieving the best version of oneself is centering everything on religion’s foundations. For instance, Christians can rely on their Christian values to achieve their best selves. One can only achieve the best version of oneself by being truthful and honest. There are no tricks or corners to this journey, and there is no time duration. The process is long and had but equally worth it. Recognizing that living the best version of yourself is your vision is quite crucial. One can put all the required effort to achieve this, work a slowly as they can to be sure and precise. Like I mentioned earlier, there are no timeframes to changing the way you live your life for the better. This being a significant change in life, time is the least of your concerns. You can take as long as you want and av as many do-overs as required. This process can be very trying and, to be honest, exhausting. To counter the temptation to give up, one should have the people they can talk to, a support system to push them up when they are down. The support system may come in terms of friends and or family.

No one said that living the best version of yourself will be a walk in the park. You will lose some friends and family in the process, but also, you are bound to gain some friends in the process, people who share in the value systems that you’ve put in place and people who will respect them. Living the best version of yourself does not come without you overthinking. To avoid all this self-doubt, helping others going through the same journey will lay the stress off you. Assisting others to be the best version of themselves is a crucial indicator of this self-realization journey.

Best Life Version Indicators:

Some of the significant indicators that make you the best version of yourself include:

The ability to help others become the best version of themselves. It is done by a person who has been through the process.

Honest living: You are right to yourself and other people engage with you in all dealings. It eliminates the element of surprise to yourself. This also makes the interaction between you and other people comfortable as they know you are reliable and trustworthy.

Increase in your confidence and self-esteem: This is because you know that there is nothing wrong with how you live your life. You recognize that your way of life will positively impact people, hence the rise in confidence.

The ability to accept your mistakes and apologize: one can only achieve the best version of yourself by learning from others. Life is a learning process, and acknowledging that we don’t know anything gives room to learn more, changing it into being the best version of yourself.

Final Verdict:-

There is no formula to being the best version of yourself. There is also no timeframe, nor is it a competition with anyone. Like a journey of thousand miles, to achieve the best version of yourself will not require overthinking and planning. Just get up and do it. Every process will run its course, and the results will guarantee you both success and happiness. The journey of becoming the best version of yourself does not stop at any stage whatsoever. In the long run, we only have one lifetime, a lifetime without do-overs and repeats whatsoever.

So how about we live this life, this lifetime, being the best version of ourselves we could ever be. That’s a life worth living.

Good books have been written on” The best version of oneself”. Some of them include: –

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker
  • The laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene
  • Choose Wonder over Worry by Amber Rae

Link for some learnings: –

Questions for reflection: –

What is one thing you wish you did this year but didn’t because you were afraid?

Have you accomplished at least one of the resolutions made this year?

How could you better help your loved ones accomplish their goals?

Did you give yourself the time and resources needed to accomplish your goals?

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