Empower To Transform- Transform to Empower

Book Cover: Empower To Transform- Transform to Empower
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: ₹ 399.00
ISBN: 1637818564
Pages: 140
Kindle - First Edition



“Empower to Transform” is an in-depth analysis of gender inequality and some of the concepts that revolve around it. This aspect that has received a lot of attention from researchers still remains a mystery to most people. Due to the lack of understanding on the matter, most women find themselves unable to pull through from the chains that oppress and prevent them from achieving success.

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5 Star Reviews By Readers On Amazon:-

Indian Intellectual On 19th January 2021 wrote:

Recommended read for a fresh perspective

A hard hitting book on the subject of women empowerment, which shakes you up and forces to reflect on the contemporary situation.It makes you realize that its more of talk and less of action .Brownie points to authors for weaving real life incidents to bring home the point. Kudos to the detailed research and efforts put in.


Gurudas B On 31st January 2021 wrote:

Excellent book to assist social transformation

The author has highlighted with facts and figures, why women empowerment is required, how female infanticide, atrocities on women can be controlled, which are very much essential to share with the society now for continuous action and development. The importance of gender equality at home, workplace, and society must be well recognized by all while accepting diversity, ensuring women in leadership, as proposed by the author. I like the seven principles of women empowerment and five allied components as specified by the author and strongly feel people must honor such concepts. Recommend all to read this book and help to empower women to transform this world.


Renu On 2nd February 2021 wrote:

This is no ordinary self-help book

 It needs to be treated at par with a min research document. The author has taken a dispassionate view of the atrocities committed on women since time immemorial and presented her views in a rational and balanced form. The flow of chapters gives clarity and understanding to the reader. It's a book to be cherished and referred to. I know why I must speak my mind and not wilt under the gaze of expectations. Thank you for a wonderful creation.


Gayatri Pattnaik On 7th february 2021 wrote:

Must read

Before I delve into reviewing the book, I can't help but appreciate the amount of transparency and honesty this book has. It is such a well-researched book that I was impressed beyond words. 

The book is about women empowerment at large. It may be at home or workplace or nation-building. It focuses on gender equality. 

As I have mentioned before that the research put into writing the book is remarkable. For example, reference is given vide United Nations website on brutality against women, women leadership in corporates and politics etc. 

Couldn't recommend enough. 


Vishal Shujalpurkar On 23rd February 2021 wrote:-

Empower Yourselves

 It is a well written book focusing on women empowerment. Most of the women in the society still do not know that they are not treated fairly. This book addresses the issue from the very grass root level and gives us a strong message that if you wish to change the norms you need to empower yourselves.

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