The World as a Neural Network - The Story of AI and our Future

Book Cover: The World as a Neural Network - The Story of AI and our Future
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Pages: 134
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We are undeniably living in what has been called the ‘Information Age.’ The term encapsulates the growing necessity and ubiquity of information in our time, along with its total dominance of economic, social, and political processes as we know it. Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a revolutionary aspect of technological innovation in the first half of the 21st century. It is likely only to assume greater significance as these innovations become increasingly central to many of our societal functions as a whole. Yet, in terms of policy-making and public discourse, very little attention is paid in this regard. This needs to change.
Most debates that are actually held on the future of AI are usually made on a technocratic basis and have very little to offer in terms of a real understanding of the multifaceted challenges that face us in our own time. While we think about the future of AI, we either imagine pictures of an unhindered utopia or an authoritarian dystopia. Both attitudes are rooted in what can be considered an ‘undialectical’ imagination of the future where there is either a complete lack of understanding of the powers and limitations of technology and the overall contours of our social organization. This results from a lack of engagement between disciplines at the academic level and the segregation of knowledge into neat boxes and pigeonholes. There will, of course, be a transformation of the fundamental manner in which knowledge and information are organized in our world, and the resultant ripple effects will be felt all over. The only way we can understand the extent of the impact of these changes is by actually engaging with how AI is impacting our contemporary society.
We examine the multifaceted interaction between AI and its associated technologies and our various social institutions within the pages of this book. This takes us across various arenas ranging from national & international politics, development studies, institutional racism, economic inequality to criminal justice & social reform, among a host of topics. While certainly not exhaustive, the book presents readers with a comprehensive perspective on how AI is not only shaping our society today but, in turn, is being continuously reshaped by social and economic pressures.
AI can transform society as a whole, but only if we ensure that it is not at odds with the general well-being of the people. Of course, we are not naïve enough to assume that a few printed pages will bring about a systemic transformation. But we do believe that once we are conscious of the broader context in which AI and technology are evolving, we will be able to determine our own trajectories by conversing within a given framework of thought and action. We hope that through this book, the reader will be able to find a guide to action and engagement in the rapidly changing world of the Information Age and find the impact of AI on their own lives reflected within the context.

5 Star Reviews by Readers On Amazon:-

Mahek Inamdar On 17th May 2021 wrote:


 This book is a collection of some amazing and well researched essays that represents how our life is cocooned in Artificial intelligence.
The title of the books suggests that it tells us about the AI. We live in the year 2021 and this is the age of information and technology. These are the most important tool.
The introduction chapter is about the introduction of AI and digital world. It also suggests about the impact of AI in the life. The author highlights a very important topic AI. They also cover topics like the US elections of 2016, the communist party in China etc.
The book is gripping and definitely educational on the topic it deals with. Cover page is mesmerising and language is easy to understand.
Recommended to all who want information about AI.


SaNjeevKuMar On 19th May 2021 wrote :

Digital bloom

What a mind-blowing book I must say!! As being a science student, this book provides so much information regarding technological and digital way in best way possible. And it just blows my mindset that how AI or Artificial intelligence works. How this AI will be influencing our past, present and future in both positive and negative ways. Author greatly explains that this AI will definitely effects on our digital, technological and economical resources in very smooth language. Book also covers some interesting topics like how the big countries US, China will use this AI in past years which set anotherperspective regarding AI. Also, this discussion will terrify some way that will this AI take the place of all human races in future?
You have to grab this book to know more, that how this discussion will take you on a interesting, informative and technological ride!!


Nashra Mumtaz On 25th May 2021 wrote

Artificial intelligence

 This book is a scientific and technical read but the best part is that one doesn't has to have any knowledge on the said topic. The book is written in a really simple language.
The book talks about how AI is changing the current world, its affects, various beliefs and how different countries are accepting it.
The book also talks about social, economic and political issues of different countries.
Author has researched very well for this book. The book is too short but holds a vast amount of knowledge which is worthy of reading.


Mudit Kapoor On 6th June 2021 wrote :

The World as a Neural Network

As the title suggests this book is based on the concept of AI(artificial intelligence) and our future. In this book the authors have talked about how AI and digital world impact our lives. They also talked about the pros and cons of AI and how some countries like China, USA, Africa are using this technology.

Hats off to the authors for doing research work and providing us the insights on AI. The language used by the authors is simple that even a layman can understand it. The cover and the title of the book perfectly suits the content. I recommend this book to all specially those who are keen to know about AI and technology.

In nutshell, a thought provoking read.


Dr K.R.S On  12th  June 2021 wrote:

The Socio-economic dynamics of Artificial Intelligence from a global perspective

Artificial intelligence (AI) already has become an integral part of human society at large. With its wide ranging applications spanning from development of vaccines, determination of credit scores and prediction of bankruptcy, a more granular analysis of credit history, freeing of humans from the drudgery of everyday labor (albeit displacing creative human labor by machine labor), our social, economic, and political institutions are being challenged by AI in a disruptive manner that is transformative in nature.

The book, well-researched as it were, looks at the role of AI from a global perspective and posits, for instance, that the social credit model of China poses crucial questions for democracy around the world, and also what it portends for the future of the different continents of the world. Such a painstaking effort behind the book is indeed laudable. Notwithstanding the existing reach and potential for the growth of AI in terms of its socio-economic dynamics, the authors observe that technocratic solutions alone cannot address the social problems besetting the human race today.
The book helps to understand AI and its applications in the contemporary society at close quarters. A must-read title, this is.



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