Sniffles and Smiles: A roller Coaster ride through the life of Bella

Book Cover: Sniffles and Smiles: A roller Coaster ride through the life of Bella
Editions:Kindle - Kindle Edition: ₹ 49.00
Pages: 155
Paperback - Paperback Edition: ₹ 399.00
ISBN: 9391537839
Pages: 155


Captivating smile and born under a lucky star, Bella was her father’s princess. Everything that she desired came to her doorstep in a wink of an eye. Her fortunate life became disastrous when someone she adored from the core became a demon of her life. Courageous Bella opted to fight while the vicious circle of her problems was not letting her move on with ease.

Baffled, she drove towards the horizon to fetch a solution and smashed her car. An angel came to save her, accompanied in quest of her lost hope.

Who was that Angelic figure?
How did he help her to recoup her faith in life?
Did she came out with flying colors or bowed down before the circumstances?

‘Sniffles and Smiles’ is a heartfelt tale of Bella and Andrew, who would promise to take your heart along with them and would gift you an unforgettable experience of life.

5 Star Reviews By Readers O Amazon-

Nikhil On 12th October 2021 wrote:

 A rollercoaster of emotions

A story about Andrew and Bella. As the name suggests, a rollercoaster of emotions, it will not be wrong to say that the book justifies its name. When you will go through the book, sometimes you will laugh and sometimes you would not resist yourself from weeping too. The characters in the book will make themselves a part of your life.


Mariya babu Marutholil On 19th October 2021 wrote:


When I finished reading this book, I felt my heart was full, my mind was filled with joy and eyes with tears for someone who fought through life and the other one who kept calm for the fighter as a beautiful support.

Bella was not new to me. I had found her in me, in my mom in other women around mewho had a strong will to overcome all.

The book is a perfect read, if u are interested to read something life related, magical and beautiful.The narration and language used is simple.A beautiful book.


Akshat On 27th October 2021 wrote:

 Fascinating story

"Sniffles & Smiles" is an emotional book by Niraja Bandi which revolves around the life of our protagonist Bella. Bella was a cheerful and happy girl who was her father's princess and loved by everyone in her family. One day her life took a disastrous turn which made it upside down and all her happiness turned into sorrows. Further, we will get to see a new character Andrew who was a emergency medical technician. Does Andrew have any role in Bella's life or the change which is happening in her life? Or there is something else which makes Bella's life like hell. Get your answers by reading the book and it will surely hook you up till the last page. I would recommend everyone to read this book.


Shreya On 30th October 2021 wrote:


This is a fictional story but shows a lot of life's reality.Bella, a young passionate girl who had the most loving and supporting parents and family she lived a life full of happiness and positivity. But life is the most unpredictable thing it always shows you the most unexpected things which shock and sometimes break you from within. Bella met with an accident along with a lot of people this changed her life totally and then Andrew, a medical technician helped her and many other people. He was really helpful and generous towards Bella and there was some kind of strange connection between them?

What happens in story next is really very interesting to read.
This story is full of struggles, emotions and twists definitely a page turner.

Narration done is very well, language used is simple and easy to understand and cover page of the book is also very beautiful.

Must read 👍😍


Vishal Yadav On 11th November 2021 wrote:

Interesting plot

From the cover of the book to the story of the book, from the title of the book to the writing of the book, everything is absolutely fantastic.

The language of the book is very simple and the story is heart touching, if you are planning to read something different, then definitely read this book once.

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