The Ones Who Dare-Beating All Odds

Book Cover: The Ones Who Dare-Beating All Odds
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Tales of  Glory from the darkness of hopelessness

Have you ever wondered or thought about the people we know, admire, and adore in the sports industry? What had their life been before all the glamour and glory? I am sure you must have thought while watching them onto the peak that, damn, they are so lucky; they have everything they could ever wish for, or sometimes that they are born with the silver spoons. They have all the luxuries and comforts one can ask for. Would you want to trade your life with their life? Would you want to have the same experience you see through all the glamour, fame, and money? I am sure most of us would not even think twice before accepting life like them. We would jump on our beds as high as we could if we could get an opportunity to have such an unforgettable experience by chance. You must wonder about the phenomenal powers they possess, which make them win over every obstacle that comes in their way. Watching them on the camera or live must have given you goosebumps and thought that they couldn’t be human. Were they born with all that talent and prowess, or were they just lucky in their lives? Is that luck available for any of us? If yes, then no need to wonder anymore. This book will glide you over their lives in detail and leave you in amazement that they are humans like us, gifted with one special thing- “The strength and zeal, that lies inside them, which gives them wings to fly high in this limitless sky.” We all possess these attributes, but a couple of times do not utilize them with diligence. This book will provide you all the obstacles and problems they overcame and how their experience can be helpful in our day-to-day lives.

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Dr K.R.S On 24th September 2021 wrote:

A book on motivation based on empirical stories

Obstacles are the frightful things that we see when we take our eyes off the goal, said Aristotle. All the great and historic victories were crafted by determined and committed people who dared to overcome the obstacles and all the odds by their grit and 'enthusiasm' (read, God within). The life stories of 15 sports-persons captured in this volume vindicate that you're a product of your choice and not chance. They should inspire not only the sports-enthusiasts but anyone who wants to succeed in life 'beating all odds'. But a caveat: attributes within alone would not fetch the desired results; one should have positive attitude, abundance of willpower and a goal-focused mindset, as these stories would aver.
The author has done a splendid job. I recommend this book to all who want to discover their true inner self.

Aishwarya Dhal On 11th October 2021 wrote:


"The ones who dare" is a collection of success stories of 15 legendary sports personalities from all around the world who worked hard to become who they are today. The story about the struggles, but tried still and they succeeded.Totally loved the concept the author wanted to convey through the book to the audience by giving examples of the athletes. 

The writing style is flawless and the language used is smooth. Everything is very well presented in this book. The book Motivates one from the within. Everything is just very well framed. Cover and title go very well with the book. Words are very perfectly knitted.

I would love to recommend this book.


Samir Singh On 21st October 2021 wrote:

Must read

The book "The Ones Who Dare " is written by Niraja Bandi. The book is very well written and the author has tried to come up with a very different concept. The author has really tried giving the fellow readers an unforgettable message through this book. The book is centred around the notion ordinary people carry towards famous and successful sportsmen. It is mentioned in the book that we consider them lucky because they possess such great talents which could give them the future they want. But we never consider the handwork and grind that they have given in their initial days of career. The book is about those people who always look for the tallest tree in the garden but never water it when it was just a seed. Talking about the title of the book it is motivating in itself and very appropriate. The cover of the book is very creative and vibrant. The book is very recommended to everyone.


Ria Joseph On 24th October 2021 wrote:

A short inspirational read

The One's who dare by Niraja Bandi is all about famous athletes and their struggle to achieve their dreams despite their hardships, losses, insecurities, and disabilities. The athletes mentioned are P.T.Usha, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Kart Warner, Lance Amstrong, Bhaichung Bhutia, Keiran Behan, Michael Oher, Bethany Hamilton, Romelulukaku, Stan smith, Victor Moses, Michael Phelps, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

This book motivates you to dream big and make them true. To reach our goals we have to face a lot of hardships and at some point, in time, we might feel to Give up but we should bring out the best of ourselves and never give up on the mantra of success. She also says that we should learn from our bitter experiences and work so hard that our achievements will be alive even after our death.

The language is kept very simple by the author, which makes it even easier for the readers to understand the content of the book. Squeezing the length of the book makes it a more interesting and shorter read. This book is interesting and very inspiring.


Harsh Shaw On 29th October 2021 wrote:

Nice book

This book " The One Who Dare " by Niraja Bandi is a book on inspirational non-fiction genre. It contains many stories of glory to inspire and motivate the youth towards gymnastics and sports.The athletes mentioned are P.T.Usha, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Kart Warner, Lance Amstrong, Bhaichung Bhutia, Keiran Behan, Michael Oher, Bethany Hamilton, Romelulukaku, Stan smith, Victor Moses, Michael Phelps, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.The moral of this book is to make us understand that we must keep going forward diligently and work towards our goal no matter how many times we fall. We must not be defined by our failures but only by our handwork and dedication.Overall, the narration of the book is a fast paced, language used is lucid. It's a full pack of motivation, if you enjoy reading motivational content then this book is for you.

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